Visualization Design Studio

Our vision is to promote scientists’ ability to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences for health-related purposes using information and data representations. 

The Visualization Design Studio works toward its vision by:

  • Helping scientists increase the breadth and depth of their visualization competencies

  • Prioritizing competencies that are aligned with scientists’ professional needs (e.g. the demand for figures, posters, and graphical abstracts)

  • Supporting the emergence and dissemination of education/training standards and approaches

  • Fostering a network of experts to support one another and be available for consultation

  • Providing a replicable model for other institutions

An expected outcome of carrying out the mission is that the Studio will be recognized as an influential thought leader in visualization for health sciences. 

See our full mission and vision statement here.

Studio Co-Leads:
Adriana Arcia, PhD, RN, FAAN & Nat Benda, PhD



Visit our Google Drive folder for shared documents including a resource list and presentations.
(new link as of June 2023)

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